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Why Cantilever Racks

There are many businesses and companies in Southern California and Las Vegas that benefit from the incorporation of a successful pallet racking system in their warehouses. However, not all of our materials and goods store very well in a typical pallet racking system, and for that reason, the professionals at Southwest Material Handling Inc. provide cantilever racks.

  • Designed for those long or odd shaped materials.
  • Cantilever rack systems are held up by stress and is a single heavy-duty steel post that permits items to rest across them.
  • Cantilever racks are appropriate in any number of fields, and can be used in addition to other pallet racking systems in a warehouse.

How the Professionals of Southwest Material Handling Inc. Manages Your Installation

If you decide that your warehouse can benefit from the installation of a cantilever rack, then the professionals at Southwest Material Handling Inc. can take care of everything else.

  • We help you to find the right pallet racking system that is appropriate for your warehouse.
  • The SWMH team takes care of all the preparations for your installation.
  • Our professional team can create a warehouse design plan for your pallet system, and obtain all of the building permits necessary in order to complete your system.
  • Once approval has been obtained by the city and fire department then our professionals begin installing your system.
  • Our trained and specialized installation team have done hundreds of pallet racking system installations and are prepared to complete your job from start to finish.

After Care of Your Cantilever System

Because each client needs to have a sense of security for their cantilever system, Southwest Material Handling Inc. also provides services after your system is installed to ensure a long life of your system.

  • Take advantage of the rack repair services that are done on-site.
  • We can help integrate other pallet racking systems or new cantilever racks for expansion.

Once installation of your rack is completed it is important to understand that the SWMH professionals are still there to help you with all of the services you will need throughout the life of your cantilever and pallet rack systems.

Call the professionals in pallet rack systems today, and ask about getting your cantilever system tomorrow.