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Maximize Warehouse Space

If you are searching for a maximum amount of storage and flexibility for forklift movement throughout your warehouse, then there is only one pallet racking system that you will need, and that is drive in and drive thru pallet racks. Southwest Material Handling Inc. is dedicated to providing businesses and warehouses with efficient and quality storage that will help you to maximize your space and keep you organized.

What are Drive In & Drive Thru Pallet Racks?

Drive in and drive thru pallet racks are created to utilize more unused warehouse space than any other pallet racking system available.  Both the area and the height available for use are accessible via forklifts, which can actually be driven through the racks to permit additional storage access for up to six full pallets deep. Such accessibility allows warehouses to store aisles of the same product, or even SKU, and stagger each rack based on a department or area of their business.

What Other Services Does Southwest Material Handling Inc. Take Care Of?

For those businesses that will be installing a drive in & drive thru pallet racking system in their warehouse, Southwest Material Handling Inc. takes care of your project from start to finish. Not only can they help with the creation of a customized pallet racking system that will maximize the space in your warehouse, but they can also help you with a free evaluation of your project before you buy.  Once you have created a layout for your project, they will handle all the paperwork, so to speak, of obtaining building permits for the city & county fire and building departments. Your drive in & drive thru pallet racking system will always meet city code and pass inspections! That includes high pile storage codes set forth by the fire department.

Once all planning and paperwork has been completed the skilled installation team from Southwest Material Handling Inc. will come in and custom install your drive in & drive thru pallet racks to the previously discussed specifications. The final result will be a fully operative and functioning drive in & drive thru storage system for all of your business or company’s extra SKUs and products.

Call Southwest Material Handling Inc. today for your free warehouse evaluation and get some ideas for the great drive in & drive thru system  their professionals can install for you!