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High Piled Storage Consultant

Southwest Material Handling Inc. is one of the most well-recognized pallet racking systems professionals in Southern California and Las Vegas. They are dedicated to installing and providing all the necessary assistance to help businesses and companies maximize their warehouse storage systems for better organization and safety. Part of creating a plan for a pallet racking system is actually obtaining the necessary city and county high pile storage permits to create your pallet racking system to a certain height in your warehouse.

What is a Pallet Racking System and How Do They Work?

Pallet racking systems are the ideal way to store and maintain the functionality of your store room with pallet storage, utilizing the vertical space of your warehouse which often goes unused. These intricate shelving systems can be installed in a variety of forms based on the necessary accessibility desired and how much room your warehouse has.  Depending on the pallet racking system that you choose they will operate somewhat differently, take a look at the four most common forms of pallet racking systems.

  • Selective Pallet Racks– If you need convenient access to all the items that are stored in a pallet, then the selective pallet racks are appropriate. This system allows businesses to store a variety of SKUs in one location, however you can easily mark and differentiate between them all.
  • Push Back Pallet Racks– Push back racks resemble selective racks, except they allow you to slide one pallet in front of another on each shelf, which makes storing multiple SKUs possible and storing in a first in & first out position.
  • Drive In & Drive Thru Pallet Racks– For those warehouses that operate on forklift assistance, this system will allow you to drive in between racks that can hold six or more pallets deep of merchandise.
  • Pallet Flow Pallet Racks– If you would like to create storage that permits for first in, first out picking order, then pallet flow systems are optimal to help with the stock rotation of your goods.


There is one more version of storage, known as cantilever storage, that is also provided by Southwest Material Handling Inc. but it is specific to odd-shaped items that won’t fit as well in a typical pallet rack system.


Installing Your Own Pallet Racking System

Before you can even consider the installation of any of these pallet racking systems it is important to keep in mind that you cannot build without the permission of the city, or county, and your system must pass a fire department inspection. While most pallet racking companies will make obtaining high pile storage permits the work of the business owner, the professionals at Southwest Material Handling Inc. understand that this should be included in their services to the client.

Their specialists will submit all the proper documentation for your project to the applicable county and city code enforcement offices, and also obtain the approval of the local fire department, so that you don’t have to. What’s more is with their established relationships with city planning inspectors throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, most of these processes can be expedited much faster than if business owners were to submit the paperwork themselves.


Contact us for safe and quality storage/organization systems, Southwest Material Handling Inc. can provide the pallet racks you are searching for, and they will take care of all the necessary high pile storage permits.