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Warehouse Inventory Management

If your business or company is searching for a reliable and safe way to control and organize the inventory of your warehouse, then the pallet flow racks from Southwest Material Handling Inc. is the answer.  Not only is SWMH one of Las Vegas and Southern California’s most widely recognized pallet racking installation companies, but their ingenuity and dedication to every client is just further proof that their pallet racking systems are a wise storage choice.  For those clients that choose to incorporate a pallet flow system in their warehouse, Southwest Material Handling Inc. is the best company to entrust with this project.

What are Pallet Flow Racks?

There are four different pallet raking systems that are often utilized in warehouses: selective, push back, drive in & drive thru and pallet flow. Pallet flow racks are exactly as the name suggests a fluid form of a pallet flowing system. Not only can you store full pallets, but they are on a rolling system that easily moves product that is needed to an operator who is in a picking position. This pallet racking system is also ideal for warehouses that rely on first-in/first-out rotation of stock or SKUs that have been stored so that new inventory can be sent in.

Where to Begin With Your Pallet Flow Racks?

Before you determine that pallet flow racks are appropriate for your business it is important to contact a Southwest Material Handling Inc. professional who can help you identify the best system for storage and to create an AutoCAD design. In fact your initial evaluation from their professional is always free. Should you determine that you in fact do want a pallet flow rack system your dedicated professional can then help to obtain the appropriate building permits that are necessary to begin construction.

Their professionals can create all of the plans and submit all permit paperwork required to the city, county and fire department for approval. Once all the necessary documentation has been done you can then feel confident knowing that the Southwest Material Handling Inc. specialists will develop and begin to manage your project from the ground up, no matter the size of your warehouse or the size of the pallet rack system you want installed.

Pallet flow racks are a great way to ensure that your stored items are used in a first come first serve basis, and that your storage room will become not only more organized, but safer for your employees.