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Pallet Racks and Racking Systems for every Application

Since the 1950’s we have offered both New and Used Pallet Racking Supplies and warehouse consulting to local businesses. With 4 locations throughout southern California and Las Vegas we are sure to have a warehouse close to you.  Schedule a FREE consultation and get a free Quote for any pallet rack or warehouse system application.

Pallet Racks and Systems

Pallet Rack Systems are configurable to hold a wide variety of equipment, pallets, boxes, products – anything you need

SWMH Inc. has set up warehouse pallet systems from ten’s of thousands of configurable units to just a couple. No job is too big or too small




Our most versatile pallet racking for direct access to each pallet. The selective pallet racking system provides efficient use of space and immediate access to every load stored, making it the best solution for warehouses that need to store palletized products with a wide range of SKUs




Push Back Pallet RackPush Back

Pushback Pallet Racking (Pushback Rack), increases storage density from 25%-65% while maintaining the flexibility to store multiple SKUs.

This type of dynamic pallet racking system stores and retrieves pallets from the same aisle in a last-in, first-out order, reducing pick times. It is designed for operations that require a large number of full pallet pick faces with two or more pallets per SKU.



Drive in Pallet RackDrive In & Drive Thru

Drive in Pallet Racking Storage offers the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height. Forklifts can drive directly into the rack to allow storage of six or more pallets deep. Drive-in rack can generally accommodate as many article types as there are loading aisles.



Pallet Flow Pallet RackPallet Flow

Unlike in static systems such as Drive-In racking, product flows back to a picking position and is easily accessible to the operator. It is perfect for fast-moving product with first-in/first out (FIFO) stock rotation.



Cantilever RackCantilever

For long, bulky or odd shaped items


Contact us for more info on any of the above products or any other warehouse related service.  We do it all.