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Deep Shelving Units

Push back pallet racks have become quite a popular means to create through and in-depth storage systems within a warehouse. Southwest Material Handling Inc. is one of the only Southern California companies that is dedicated solely to the installation of pallet racking systems just like push back pallet racks. Their professionals are dedicated to helping you create an organized and efficient storage process through the use of simple pallet racks in your business establishment or warehouse.

What are Push Back Pallet Racks?

Push back pallets can easily store anywhere from 25-65% more than your average storage system now through the use of deep shelving. Multiple SKUs can easily be pushed one in front of the other, so that you can store maximizing both the height and the width of your warehouse. Pallets that are placed in first and are pushed back will be the last pallets out of this storage system, so you can put the items that are needed more frequently up to the front where they are first out.  This system works well if you have several pallets or cartons with the same products within them, so that one row in a push back system is dedicated to solely one SKU.

How is Installation of Push Back Pallet Racks Handled?

When you contact Southwest Material Handling Inc. you will be consulted as to what kind of storage needs you require, and you will have help in selecting one of the four types of pallet racking systems, including push back racks. Once you have chosen this rack, their professional installation teams will build and install your custom pallet racking system quickly and efficiently. With your installation you will have relocation assistance in the future, on-site rack repair, scheduled maintenance and even installation of all conveyor systems. So, you can rest assured that the services of Southwest Material Handling Inc. doesn’t just end when your installation is completed, their professionals can provide you with the ongoing support to ensure that your push back racks are always functioning as they should.

Push back pallet racks are suggested for warehouses and businesses that are searching to manage their inventory better and create a safe and organized warehouse. With the help of Southwest Material Handling Inc. you can be certain that your push back pallet system will be installed and maintenance properly to ensure that your warehouse operates in an organized and safe manner.