The Advantages Of Pallet Flow Racking

//The Advantages Of Pallet Flow Racking

Using pallet flow racking in your industrial business is very beneficial. To understand the benefits of this racking system, we need to examine exactly what pallets are, how you can move them and how they are utilized. This will give you a general idea of how using this racking solution can solve a lot of problems you may face in this industry.

Pallet flow racking has a lot of advantages when it comes to the load they can handle, how accessible they are and how effectively they utilize space.

pallet flow rackingWhat Exactly Is A Pallet?

Pallets are small and square. They have wooden bases and products are stacked onto them. These products are then wrapped for storage purposes. In some instanced, they can be painted so as to make them easily identifiable. They are hollow in the middle which makes them easy to move using different machines.

How Can You Move Them?

In warehouses, forklifts and pallet jacks are used to move the pallets. Forklifts are most commonly used to move pallets that are stored off the ground. The pallet jacks, on the other hand, move pallets that are stored on the ground. The pallet jack has wheels and this used to pull the pallets around the warehouse.

How Are Pallets Stored?

Before the use of racking, warehouses eventually became too overcrowded as pallets could only be stored on the ground. There was no way of storing them any other way. This is why pallet racking solutions are so vital to industrial businesses. It allows businesses to store pallets (and thus products) in a way that maximizes the space that is available.

Pallet racking provides a way to store pallets along the walls of the warehouse maximizing the space available. Pallet racking is designed to carry the weight of the pallets and they can, in addition, store rows of pallets on top of each other making the volume of pallets that are able to be stored even higher. Even the heaviest loads are supported by the different kinds of pallet racking solutions.

Pallet Flow Racking

The main advantage of this type of racking solution is the ease of access it provides. The rows and spacing is designed in a manner that makes the pallets easily accessible for forklifts. Ramps can be used if the unit is very tall; forklifts drive onto the ramp and access the pallets at the top of the unit.

Pallet flow racking is the best system to use if you want to utilize a small space. They are a great option for smaller warehouses. These systems are taller than they are wider, which means they take up a very small amount of space. Forklifts can move around with relative ease and ground space is maximized. Pallet flow racking is also extremely cost effective when you consider how much product you can store in a small area.


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